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Add additional information to the integrated database

User wants to supplement the integrated NGCIC database with his own object name (i.e. in your native language) and some colorful images of the object.

Follow the steps:

  1. Create a new user database called "myngc" with a text field called "myname" and an image path field called "photo".
  2. Add a new object to this database. Set its "name1" and "name2" fields to "ngc224". Set "myname" field to "Andromeda" and "photo" field to the full path to the image of the NGC224 (M31) on the SD card. There is no need to set other (default) fields values.
  3. Find the NGC224 (M31) in Messier or NGCIC catalog and use "Details" context menu item tapping over its record.
  4. The Details screen will open. Tap "More" button at the end of the list of default information. At the screen bottom among others you would see section headed "myngc: ngc224" with fields "myname" showing "Andromeda" and "photo" showing your image path. Click on the path line to see your image.