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This chapter is dedicated to common problems and solutions we and our users have discovered in the app. Most of them will be removed from the list below as soon as we have a permanent solution implemented, or if the issue / problem becomes irrelevant in any way. Most of the information here is coming from the users' forum. So if you would like to discuss something here or need more details or most recent progress on the matter please register - it is just a couple of clicks away with any of your social networks accounts.

1. Cannot Install the app from the Google Play on Android 7 device

The user has reported that the app installation is crashing at 70-80% after the purchase of the Pro version on his Nexus 6p running Android 7.0.

Cause: Changes of the Google Play security or storage API.

Progress: Under preliminary investigation.


  1. Open the Applications manager.
  2. Find the Google Play app.
  3. Tap it to open the app details screen
  4. Tap Uninstall updates.
  5. Close the App manager.
  6. Run the Google Play and wait for it starting the update.
  7. Tap "Cancel" to stop it.
  8. Find DSO Planner you have purchased in the Google Play
  9. Proceed with downloading and installation as usual.