Version 3.6.0

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  • Improved the object selection by tapping it on the chart especially in crowded regions as well as for newer Android devices.
  • New Chart setting for scaling the size of text labels shown beside stars and objects precisely to your liking.
  • Floating virtual buttons ("menu" and "back") are now available in the day mode too per multiple requests.
  • The new chart setting to control the strength of the tap feedback vibration (some users were reporting their phones trying to jump out of the hand grip!)
  • As usual, we have updated the orbits data for minor planets database (yes, slowly, but they are changing with the time running).
  • Additional "ultrawide" FOV levels. Up to 335 degrees. They are basically allowing a planisphere-like view of the sky, so you can see at once where the sky (and your target) is at the set time and location.
  • Optional GoTo mount position polling for the Star Chart's center synchronization with the current direction your telescope is pointing at after the manual or automatic slewing from the stock or custom GoTo controller. Please test, as we have only a few testers with GoTo mounts to verify the functionality.
  • Highly experimental but also highly anticipated feature for moving the 2Gb stars/objects database from the device's internal memory card to the external microSD card. Users with older devices were begging for that desperately. Now you can do that right after the initial installation is done. The latter is possible only to the internal card per Google Play design, so the 2GB minimal internal storage availability requirement stands still. * An additional benefit of database moving could be a further processing speed-up possible if you are using a really fast external micro-SD card. See instructions and testing tools in the Settings/System-Wide Settings/Data Files Location/ menu. Don't hesitate to reach out for help right here or on the DSOP forum.
  • New menu for updating of the major external web portals we are using in the app, such as the DSS imagery downloading. That would allow you to change these URLs even in most distant future if their owner decides to change something. In addition, we are experimenting with hosting of that information on premises, so these destinations (URLs) can be updated for you automatically. We plan to extend that online service in the future, so this is the first such a thing in the app for testing and polishing the connectivity.
  • Some minor improvements as usual. My favorite - the "FOV Control / Menu Open" center button (Red Pill) is now much darker in the Night Mode.