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View database

Figure 9: View database screen (bright / dark theme)
Image vda1      Image vda2      Image vda4

This module allows to look through database content (Figure [#fig:vda_screen 9]), add additional objects into database and export it in DSO Planner [node15.html#text_format text format].


  • Add object. Manually add an object to the database
  • Import. Import objects from the text file in DSO Planner [node15.html#text_format text format]. For the large file import may take a lot of time (about 2 hours for 100 000 objects provided that your device does not go into sleep mode[#foot974 10]). This is not a mistake but rather this reflects Android speed at creating databases. The import is performed in a separate thread so one may continue using the program
  • [node15.html#import_export Export, Paste, Share.].
  • [node15.html#find_next Find, Next.]

Context menu

  • Edit. Edit selected object parameters
  • Other items. These are similar to Object Selection [node3.html#context_basic context menu] functions


... mode[node9.html#tex2html19 10]
The application does not override default Android settings and your device could go to sleep if not used for some time. The application does not import objects while your device is sleeping. Import will start again when you turn your device on