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Objects Databases

Figure 8: Objects Databases screen (bright / dark theme)
Image db      Image db2

This module allows to look through existing object databases, add new user (custom) databases and fill them (Figure [#fig:obj_dbs 8]). Added user databases are then used around the application in the same way as internal databases. All functions available in [node3.html#dso_selection Object Selection], [node15.html#global_search Global Search], [node12.html#note_screen Notes], [node4.html#observation_lists Observations Lists] and [node5.html#sky_chart Star Chart] apply to them.

This unique feature greatly enhances application functionality as users could create any number of own databases for their needs and easily distribute them around.

The screen shows a list of available databases. Press on the database to [node9.html#view_database see its content] or fill it.

Creation of a user database

To create a user database press an Add button. Set database name and decide if you want to add additional [node15.html#text_format (custom fields)] for object description. When no custom fields are required the database with [node15.html#text_format standard fields] is created. Otherwise the user is given an opportunity to create any number of additional fields and select their types.

Context menu

  • Fields. Show all additional fields in the database
  • Remove database. Remove the database