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Observations Lists

Figure 2: Observations Lists screen (bright / dark theme)
Image obs1      Image obs2      Image obs3

Observation list shows a list of objects to be observed and corresponding object images if available[#foot320 4] (Figure [#fig:obs_list 2]). To the right of an object there is a check box indicating if a user has observed an object. The check box could either be checked by a user directly or be checked automatically when taking an object note.

Objects from the current observation list are shown on [node5.html#sky_chart Star Chart]. Depending on the [node5.html#hide_objects Hide marked objects] setting one may see on Star Chart either all or non-marked objects only.

Touching an object in the list takes to the Star Chart with a touched object centred.

Menu functions

  • Search. [node15.html#global_search Global Search] of an input string in all databases
  • Rename. Rename current observation list
  • DSS. Download DSS[#foot336 5] images of observation list objects. Only images for objects absent on the offline DSS cache are downloaded
  • Sort by. The list could be sorted by object name, constellation, magnitude, size and set time. The second selection of the same sort type reverses the sort order
  • List 1-4. Select a current observation list
  • Add object. Add a [node15.html#temp_permanent_object temporary user object] to the observation list for a quick look up. This object will not be associated with / added to any custom database
  • [node15.html#import_export Import.].
    • Besides own format the app supports importing observation lists in Sky Safari and Sky Tools formats
    • You could import pre-compiled Night Sky Observer Guide observation lists for each constellation into the current observation list
    • When importing into non-named observation list from the file the file name is set as a list name
  • [node15.html#import_export Export.].
    • When exporting named observation list its name is suggested as a file name
  • [node15.html#import_export Paste, Share.].
  • Mark.
    • Mark objects with specific observation age (from 1 day to 12 month). The latest observation is derived from the object notes. This option is convenient to exclude recently observed objects from an observation list / Star Chart
    • Remove all marks. Uncheck all items in the current observation list
    • Show/Hide Objects with marks. Show/hide marked items in the current observation list
  • [node15.html#find_next Find, Next.]

Context menu

This is similar to Object Selection [node3.html#context_basic context menu]. Functions specific to Observations Lists:

  • Move. You could change the object order within the observation list. Just press on list item to put the selected object before
  • Remove from List. Remove the object from the current observation list
  • Remove Marked. Remove all marked objects from the current observation list including hidden ones
  • Remove ALL. Remove all objects from the current observation list including hidden ones
  • Edit. Edit object parameters (this is applicable to temporary objects and custom catalog objects only)


... available[node4.html#tex2html6 4]
Images are available for most NgcIc objects as well as custom catalog objects provided that a user added ones
... DSS[node4.html#tex2html7 5]
Digitized Sky Survey