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Object Selection

Figure 1: Object Selection screen (bright theme / night mode)
Image dsoselection1      Image dsoselection2      Image dsoselection3

The Object Selection module provides a screen for easy management, selection, and filtering of different object databases (Figure [#fig:dso_selection 1]).

Select/Update button either takes you to the [node10.html#select_search_type Select Conditions] screen where you set object catalogs to search in and filter criteria (Select button), or performs a search in the selected catalogs based on filter criteria (Update button). After the search the list of objects from the current database complying with the filter criteria is displayed, and Update button turns into Select button. While the search is running the Stop button appears. Press it to stop the current search (e.g. if it takes too long). All objects found till the Stop button press will be displayed.

Select button turns into Update button if some of the search criteria changes (e.g. location, observation time range, etc).

Constellation button allows to filter search results by constellation.

Touching an object in the list takes to the [node5.html#sky_chart Star Chart] with a touched object in the center. Context menu provides a wide range of operations from forming [node4.html#observation_lists Observations Lists] to [node12.html#note_screen note taking].

The list has the following columns: NAME, CON (constellation), TYPE, MAG (magnitude) and DIM (dimension). Touching column name sorts the list by that parameter. Second touch reverses the sort order.


  • Search. [node15.html#global_search Global Search] of an input string in all databases
  • [node15.html#import_export Export, Share.]
  • [node15.html#find_next Find, Next.]
  • CheckBoxes. Turn on/off checkboxes to mark objects for batch operation (adding to observation list)

Context Menu

  • Show image. Show images for NgcIc objects, and custom catalog objects if they have ones
  • Add to Observation List. Add the object to the current observation list (one of the four). Current observation list could be changed in [node4.html#observation_lists Observations Lists] module
  • Add Marked to Observation List. Add marked objects to the current observation list
  • Add All to Observation List. Add all objects from the current Object Selection list to the current observation list
  • Details. Shows [node7.html#details_screen details] on the object
  • Add Note. Shows [node12.html#note_edit_screen Edit Note Screen]
  • See Object Notes. Shows a [node12.html#note_screen list of notes] for the object
  • See ALL Notes. Shows [node12.html#note_screen all notes] from note database


The program provides two simple [node15.html#gestures gestures] that could be called throughout the application for calling Menu and returning to the previous window.